Zheng Shih - Pirate Queen of the China Seas

Book cover: Zheng Shih - Pirate Queen of the China Seas
Growing up poor was not easy for a country girl.
Though mentally suited for any job, the social norms of her culture denied this fearless scrapper the ability to make her own way. Refusing to live the life of a peasant, she chose a life of prostitution. It was this road that led her to meet and marry the infamous pirate captain, Zheng Yi. This sudden gift from the gods gave her the tools to become the powerful woman in all of China.
Zheng Shih (also known as: Ching Shih, Cheng I Sao, and Jihng Sih), was the most successful pirate known to the history of the world. In her prime, she held command of well over 300 battle-ready vessels. Her power was so great, she even fought and defeated attacks from the British, Portugeuse and Chinese Empires and was able to 'retire' at the end of her reign.

Will return late 2016

Zenobia - Warrior Queen of Palmyra

Book cover: Coming Soon
Zenobia is woken to the news her husband the king and his son have been poisoned. Zenobia must choose the correct path to maintain the Palmyrene Kingdom within the ever unstable Empire of Rome.
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, came to power on behalf of her new-born son and proceded to take the lands from present-day Turkey to Egypt. Some claim she acted in accordance to maintaining order in the a failing Roman Empire, while others label her a usuper.

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