Layla - Dancer for the Gods

Book cover: Layla - Dancer for the Gods
Sold to a foreign temple’s priests by her parents as a child, Layla finds she has been decieved by the supposed ‘holy men’ and is soon sold into slavery to the Pleasure Quarters in Torik.
She learns how to survive and prosper to her best abilities and accepts her bidding from the gods.
That is until she encounters the invading army that takes Torik for their own. This army is led by a woman with female warriors who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the men in the ranks.
Layla is introduced half-way through Book III of The Amazon Chronicle. She is first bound by her duty as a Pleasure Giver to entertain the new rulers of Torik, but soon finds these invaders live closer to her ideals.

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Braisi - The Mistress of Torik

Book cover: Coming Soon
Born a slave in the ancient Greek (Eladan) colony of Trapezous, the house-slave Braisi is forced to flee the city for her life after a tragic event.
But how far could a single, female slave get?
A rich, older lover is her only hope to escape arrest and certain unjust punishment.
Braisi is the name given the slave girl who becomes the woman known in Torik as 'Mistress'. She is only briefly introduced in Book III of The Amazon Chronicle. Her destiny with the Amazoi is indirectly linked by the Merchant Akush, whom Taysha stole the slave Tiya from.

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